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ThriveCart Pricing 2023: Unlimited Lifetime Access Deal


ThriveCart is an online shopping cart, and one of the most popular with eCommerce pros. In fact, it’s famously one of the cleanest, most bug-free shopping carts. That’s especially true for store owners wishing to integrate upsells, apps like Zapier or Kajabi, or use floating carts. In addition, ThriveCart is built around offering upsells and reducing abandoned shopping carts. That makes it a fan-favorite for smaller web shops, especially those not already using its larger competitor, SamCart.

However, if you’re looking for a shopping cart solution, price is important. And, the cost of ThriveCart software is not cheap. While some competitors are free to use, ThriveCart starts at an RRP of $95 per month. Of course, the actual price of the software is $495 for a lifetime license, but it’s still a large upfront investment.

How Much Does ThriveCart Cost?

Below, we’ve given a quick comparison of ThriveCart’s pricing plans.

  ThriveCart Lifetime ThriveCart Lifetime Pro
Affiliate Center No Yes
Subscription Saver No Yes
Auto Sales Tax No Yes
Business Projections No Yes
Advanced User Management No Yes
Client Use No Yes
Custom Domain Names No Yes
Cost $495 $690

While ThriveCart suggests that it will eventually switch to a monthly fee, the software has been around since 2016. It’s been in the “limited offer” ever since, but the designer, Josh Bartlett says that could change at any time. In addition, despite being in limited offer, the app remains one of the highest rated shopping cart apps online.

Available Payment Methods

ThriveCart accepts most major payment options. These include:

  • Google Pay
  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • AMEX

ThriveCart Lifetime Deal

ThriveCart has two primary pricing options, but the lifetime deal is the primary one. This costs a flat-rate of $495 for a lifetime license. While ThriveCart advertises that this will cost $95 per month at a later date – for now, it’s a one-time fee with no additional fees. However, you can upgrade to the pro for an additional $195.

In addition, ThriveCart states that this $495 fee will eventually be $1995. However, for now, the price is a flat $495. This fee includes access to the full software.

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Shopping Cart – At its most basic, ThriveCart is a shopping cart builder. The app integrates with payment gateways and products.

Offers and Coupons – ThriveCart offers numerous offer, coupon, and discount options. These include discount and coupon URLs. You can also set up discounts to automatically generate for abandoned shopping cart recovery. Plus, with bump offers, clients can easily add discounts or products on offer to their cart.

Upsells – ThriveCart makes it easy to set up recommended products and upsells, which it recommends when customers are in the cart. Then, those customers can add products with a single click, so you make more sales.

Multiple Cart Types – Set up modal, embeddable, two-step, video, or floating shopping carts. Plus, with no limit to the number of shopping carts you use, you can switch between them based on mobile device or based on devices.

A/B Testing – Create different types of carts, different landing pages, and different offers, and then automatically test them to see performance. Here, you can invest in continuous improvement, without worrying about seeing sales drop.

Video Support – ThriveCart offers a drag and drop builder, with a video embed module. That makes it easy to add video or other rich media directly to landing pages. In addition, you can add videos or final incentives directly to the shopping cart page.

Drag & Drop Builder – While ThriveCart is primarily a shopping cart, you can also build web funnels and landing pages. The app has a drag and drop builder, where you can quickly create, size, and frame a selection of basic page elements. You can then embed pages in WordPress or even Shopify sites.

Automation – ThriveCart offers automated receipts, follow-ups, retargeting, and emails. In addition, you can automatically remind customers when they still owe money, if cards are about to expire, or if they have to take additional steps to complete payment. Finally, ThriveCart also integrates with autoresponders and customer service management tools like Zapier.

Retargeting – Set up and use cookies to retarget customers, to save shopping carts between visits, and to offer upsells based on previous purchases. That can greatly decrease shopping cart abandonment, while improving shopping cart value.

Link Tracking – Set up links to coupons, products, or discounts and then track visits to the link. You can also see where people go from links – for an easier overview of how discount campaigns are working.

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Product Upgrades – Set up product upgrades inside your checkout cart, so customers can purchase upgrades for their product or software without leaving the cart.

Customer Hub – ThriveCart offers a simple customer hub, where customers can log in to see their order history and order. That makes it easy to offer customer service, order insight, and subscription management to new and returning customers.

Webhooks – Integrate webhooks directly into your web pages and shopping cart.

2-Factor Authentication – Enable or force 2-factor authentication for logins and for payments to keep your customers and your web shop safe.

Detailed Statistics – ThriveCart shows detailed data about products added to cart, timelines, and shopping cart abandonment rates. That gives you good insight into how people are using shopping carts (e.g., as a wish list), how often shopping carts turn into orders, and

Product Trials– Set up free or paid trials for software, services, or subscriptions.

Memberships and Subscriptions – ThriveCart also allows you to collect email addresses and credit card information and then automatically bill people to start subscriptions. In addition, with subscription management, you can set up different tiers of subscriptions, automatically remind people when payments are due, and even remind people when their payment method is about to expire.

Sales Funnel Builder – ThriveCart offers a drag and drop web page builder, so you can set up the full sales funnel inside the platform. Here, you can drag and drop to build pages and then embed them on your site. In addition, you can easily integrate other tooling.

Integrations – ThriveCart integrates with dozens of other apps ranging from the popular Kajabi to Zapier to membership platforms and autoresponders. The app also natively integrates into dozens of fulfilment services. Plus with autoresponder integrations like AWeber, ConvertKit, Drip, and more, it’s easy to set up automated sales.

Customer Blacklists – Blacklist customers based on email and IP or other details to prevent known fraudsters from purchasing from you again.

Payment Integrations – ThriveCart integrates most major payment options and gateways. These include Stripe, PayPal,, Google Pay, and others.

ThriveCart Lifetime Pro

ThriveCart also offers a $195 upgrade to the pro version. This includes all of the features from the standard version. In addition, you get:

Affiliate Center – Drive affiliate sales and revenue by allowing people to sign up as affiliates. Here, affiliates receive a commission you set. Additionally, ThriveCart offers good management tools, including the option to increase or decrease commissions over time based on performance.

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Subscription Notifier/Dunning – Automatically notify customers when they have upcoming payments, overdue payments, or expiring credit cards.

Automatic Sales Tax Calculation – Automatically calculate sales tax based on the geographical location of your store and of the customer.

Business Projections – ThriveCart can also forecast sales based on current and historical volume and trends.

JV Contracts – Set up joint ventures and revenue sharing inside ThriveCart.

Advanced User Management – Get additional controls for customers, clients, and affiliates

Client Usage Rights – Set up shopping carts for clients and their webshops, rather than “just” using ThriveCart on your own web shops.

Custom Domain Name Functionality – Set up custom domain names inside ThriveCart for more personalized and branded links.


If you still have questions, this ThriveCart FAQ should help.

Does ThriveCart offer a free trial?

No. ThriveCart does not offer a free trial. However, the brand does have a 30-day money back guarantee. In fact, the platform offers to pay for itself within 30 days or you get your money back. While that’s not a trial, it does let you test the solution out with some guarantee that you can get your money back.

Does ThriveCart take a percentage of sales?

No. ThriveCart does not take a percentage of sales. However, if you purchase the shopping cart, the only fee you pay is the flat-rate cost for the lifetime deal.

Is ThriveCart Pro worth?

That depends on what you’re using it for. In addition, if you’re using affiliates, want to have more users accessing the platform, or otherwise need any of the Pro features, yes. In addition, the custom domain name functionality is a nice feature that you do not get with the standard package.

ThriveCart Pricing: Conclusion

ThriveCart is also extremely popular across the eCommerce, SaaS, and subscription space. With a single flat-rate lifetime deal, it’s also very well priced. ThriveCart prices also stand out by being simple – you always know what you’re paying and cost per month goes down over usage. That can make it extremely easy to choose the software. For example, ThriveCart’s nearest competitor, SamCart, starts at $49 per month – meaning the two even out after less than a year.

Eventually, ThriveCart is extremely popular for a reason. Plus, with straightforward pricing, it should be easy to calculate if it fits into your budget.