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Top 14 Rare Car Brands: 2023 List


There are everyday car brands like Mercedes and GMC, then there are more luxurious and rare ones like Rolls Royce and Lotus. However, there are also car brands so obscure and rare that you might not ever see a single model.

Maybach 57S. Photo: ppmfl / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

The table below lists down the top 14 rare car brands from all around the world:

CompanyHeadquartersVehicle TypeMost Popular Models
ZenvoPræstø, DenmarkHand-built supercarsAll cars are unique
TramontanaGirona, SpainTwo-seat supercarsTramontana R
MaybachStuttgart, GermanyLuxurious carsMaybach 62, Maybach 57
Rimac AutomobiliSveta Nedelja, CroatiaElectric supercarsNevera, Concept One
SaleenCorona, CaliforniaSports carsSaleen S7
PaganiSan Cesario sul Panaro, ItalySports carsZonda, Huayra
KoenigseggÄngelholm, SwedenHigh-performance sports carsAgera, Regera
DenzaShenzhen, ChinaLuxury electric carsDenza 500, Denza X
LuxgenMiaoli County, TaiwanCrossover SUVsURX, U6
VenuciaWuhan, ChinaElectric vehicles and concept carsE30, D60, M50
Morgan Motor CompanyMalvern, United KingdomHand-built luxurious carsAll cars are unique
InfinitiYokohama, Kanagawa, JapanLuxury carsQ60, Q50
Hispano-SuizaBarcelona, SpainLuxury vehicles and sports carsCarmen, Carmen Boulogne
NEVSTrollhättan, SwedenElectric carsNEVS 9-3, Sango

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14. Zenvo

Danish sports car brand Zenvo was established in 2004, with the first prototype hitting the road in 2009. 

For the most part, the brand focuses on hand-built, bespoke supercars – which means that only the richest can afford them.

This also makes Zenvo cars some of the most expensive cars in the world, as everything on them is tailored according to the customer’s wishes. 

Zenvo only builds five cars a year, making them an elite and rare car brand.

Website: Zenvo

13. Tramontana

Moving to southern Europe, Tramontana is a Spanish sports car manufacturer. Starting production in 2007, their offices and assembly line are located in Girona.

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Drawing inspiration from old two-seaters, Tramontana makes superfast cars with a top speed of 202 miles per hour. 

They only produce twelve cars a year, with their newest model, the Tramontana R, currently available.

Because of the very specific type of car they’re making, Tramontana is one of the rarest race car brands in the world.

Website: Tramontana

12. Maybach

Chances are you’ve heard of Maybach before, as they’re not as nearly as obscure as all the other entries on this list. 

However, they’re some of the most expensive luxury cars in the world, which makes them very rare.

This German car company was founded in 1909, and it’s been successfully creating new vehicular masterpieces for over a century. 

Because of their insane price tag, less than 100 Maybach models are sold in the US annually.

Website: Maybach

11. Rimac Automobili

One of the youngest car brands on this list, Rimac Automobili is a Croatian car company, founded in 2009. 

Their sole focus is devoted to electric sports cars, while a self-driving taxi system, intended for the country’s capital, is currently being developed.

Their latest model, the Nevera, drew a lot of attention to the company, as the fully electric car can achieve a top speed of 258 miles per hour. 

Their first design, the Concept One, was the world’s fastest production electric vehicle at time of unveiling. 

These results put them toe to toe with some of the best electric car brands in Europe.

Website: Rimac Automobili

10. Saleen

One of the more rare car brands in America was founded in 1983, and they produce high-performance sports cars. You’re unlikely to see any of their newer vehicles, as they’re more popular in China than the States.

It must be noted, though, that their flagship vehicle, the Saleen S7, was a very popular sports car back in its day. 

Today, Saleen doesn’t only produce cars, but they also produce parts for bigger car companies, such as Chrysler and Dodge.

Website: Saleen

9. Pagani

It’s very hard to break through in the Italian car market with giants like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bugatti by your side. 

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This sports car manufacturer from San Cesario is the living proof of that, as Pagani is one of the least popular Italian supercars.

Founded in 1992, Pagani produced the Zonda and the Huayra, both models incorporating carbon fiber technology and achieving impressive results. 

Despite that, these cars are expensive and difficult to produce, so there are very few of them on the roads.

Website: Pagani

8. Koenigsegg

Koenigseggs are some of the most elite supercars in the world, achieving incredible speeds of up to 250 miles per hour. 

This also makes them some of the most expensive cars in the world, so the chances you’ll ever come across one on your local road are low.

This company, founded in 1994, has been setting records ever since. 

Their most famous model, the Agera, broke the Guinness World Record for 0-300 km/h in 2011, while the Regera set the world record for 0-400 km/h in 2019.

Website: Koenigsegg

7. Denza

The first company on this list to not produce supercars, Denza was founded in 2010 and manufactures some of the best luxury electric cars in the world.

It’s partially owned by Mercedes, and the high standards set by the Germans certainly show in results. 

Denza 500 and Denza X are both electric cars with the former having a range of 186 miles with a single charge!

Website: Denza

6. Luxgen

This Taiwanese company is currently only manufacturing crossover SUVs, such as the URX or the U6. 

However, you might not have heard of them, as they’re only sold in Russia, Iran, and Oman.

Despite focusing on foreign markets, Luxgen is actually one of the best car manufacturers in Taiwan, as they rank very highly among Mass Market Brands in the country.

Website: Luxgen

5. Venucia

This Chinese car company is actually a subsidiary of Nissan, producing and selling electric vehicles, as well as concept cars and traditional, fuel-powered cars.

Despite the large numbers of production, they’re still only common in China and nowhere else, not yet managing a way to break through on the foreign market. They’re some of the best electric compact cars in China, though.

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Because they’re not sold outside of China, they’re some of the rarest Asian cars.

Website: Venucia

4. Morgan Motor Company

MMC is one of the oldest car brands on this list, as it was founded in 1910 in Worcestershire. Similar to Zenvo, all their cars are assembled by hand according to the customer’s wishes.

Because of this, they’re all unique, expensive, and very rare to spot on the roads. 

Simpler designs can be constructed in six months, but more complex models can take up to a decade to finish!

Something that sets them apart from all other luxurious car manufacturers is the use of wood. Most car companies use fake wood, but Morgan Motor still uses actual wood for framing the body shell.

Website: Morgan Motor Company

3. Infiniti

Infiniti is actually a division of Nissan, producing luxury cars. 

They’ve been introduced to the North American market in 1989, and despite their everyday models selling in numbers greater than 100,000 on a yearly basis, their luxury cars and sports cars are expensive and rare.

Infiniti Q60, for example, is very rare on American roads, as they’re some of the most luxurious Asian cars

They also design race cars. The Infiniti Q50 won the British Touring Car Championship in 2020.

Website: Infiniti

2. Hispano-Suiza

With headquarters in Barcelona, Hispano-Suiza is a Spanish-Swiss car manufacturer producing luxury vehicles. Currently, they’re focusing on building fully-electric cars.

Their newest models, the Carmen and the Carmen Boulogne, can achieve speeds of 155 miles per hour. 

However, because of the low interest and high prices, they’re the rarest Spanish car brand.

Website: Hispano-Suiza


National Electric Vehicle Sweden is an electric car manufacturer from Sweden. 

Even though they purchased Saab in 2012, they’re yet to reach the levels of popularity Saab did in its home country.

Currently, they only sell vehicles in China, and the Chinese aren’t crazy about them either, making them some of the rarest electric cars in the world

Their current models are the NEVS 9-3 and the Sango, a self-driving car.

Website: NEVS

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