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The Most Expensive Dog Breeds


Our dogs are our best friends. They’re loyal, playful and know when someone needs a friend. Dogs are also not cheap. These four legged critters require just as much love as they give us – the difference being we’re the ones who have to foot the bill. Between walks, grooming, and breeders – dogs can cost an average $7,320 per year. Some dogs are more expensive than others however. In this study we found the most expensive dog breeds to own.

The Most Expensive Dog Breeds

The most expensive doggos to own tend to be Shepherds with the Belgian, Australian and English Shepherds all in the top 5 most expensive dogs to own. This makes sense – considering shepherds were bred for lots of activity. In the modern day sense, than means lots of walks and lots of activity – which for the working person, adds up to a hefty bill. Most of the expensive dogs tend to be on the larger side, growing to at least 50 pounds. All dogs under 10 pounds we ranked as amongst the cheapest to own – mainly due to lower food costs per year.

Rank of Every Dog Breed

Don’t see your pupper on the list of most expensive? Take a look at our full dataset of 188 dog breeds to see how your dog ranks with other breeds. The exact cost you see is an approximation based on certain assumptions. To see our assumptions, take a look at the methodology section.

RankBreedWeightCost of Dog FoodDog Walking Cost Per YearObeidence CostGrooming CostTotal Cost
1Belgian Shepherd Dog51 to 75 lb$730$10,440$600$1,080$12,850
2Australian Shepherd51 to 75 lb$730$10,440$600$840$12,610
3Irish Water Spaniel51 to 75 lb$730$10,440$600$840$12,605
4English Shepherd51 to 75 lb$730$10,440$480$840$12,490
5German Wirehaired Pointer51 to 75 lb$730$10,440$360$840$12,370
5Irish Setter51 to 75 lb$730$10,440$360$840$12,370
7Border Collie25 to 50 lb$487$10,440$600$840$12,367
8Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever51 to 75 lb$730$10,440$480$600$12,250
9Norwegian Buhund25 to 50 lb$487$10,440$480$840$12,247
10Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog76 lb to 100 lb$973$10,440$360$360$12,133
11Belgian Malinois51 to 75 lb$730$10,440$600$360$12,130
12Australian Cattle Dog25 to 50 lb$487$10,440$600$600$12,127
13German Shorthaired Pointer51 to 75 lb$730$10,440$360$360$11,890
14Brittany25 to 50 lb$487$10,440$480$360$11,767
15Poodle51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$600$1,320$10,480
16Bouvier Des Flandres76 lb to 100 lb$973$7,830$360$1,080$10,243
17Portuguese Water Dog51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$360$1,320$10,240
18Finnish Lapphund51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$480$1,080$10,120
19American Bulldog>100 lb$1,217$7,830$600$360$10,007
19Kuvasz>100 lb$1,217$7,830$120$840$10,007
21Briard76 lb to 100 lb$973$7,830$120$1,080$10,003
21German Shepherd76 lb to 100 lb$973$7,830$600$600$10,003
21Giant Schnauzer76 lb to 100 lb$973$7,830$360$840$10,003
21Gordon Setter76 lb to 100 lb$973$7,830$360$840$10,003
25Dutch Shepherd51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$360$1,080$10,000
25Bearded Collie51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$360$1,080$10,000
27English Springer Spaniel25 to 50 lb$487$7,830$600$1,080$9,997
28Icelandic Sheepdog25 to 50 lb$487$7,830$480$1,080$9,877
28Polish Lowland Sheepdog25 to 50 lb$487$7,830$480$1,080$9,877
28Pyrenean Shepherd25 to 50 lb$487$7,830$480$1,080$9,877
31Alaskan Malamute76 lb to 100 lb$973$7,830$120$840$9,763
31Beauceron76 lb to 100 lb$973$7,830$600$360$9,763
33Entlebucher Mountain Dog51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$360$840$9,760
33English Setter51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$360$840$9,760
33Wirehaired Pointing Griffon51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$360$840$9,760
36Weimaraner76 lb to 100 lb$973$7,830$480$360$9,643
37Siberian Husky51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$120$840$9,520
38Jindo25 to 50 lb$487$7,830$360$840$9,517
38Spanish Water Dog25 to 50 lb$487$7,830$600$600$9,517
40Dogo Argentino76 lb to 100 lb$973$7,830$240$360$9,403
41Canaan Dog51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$480$360$9,400
42Swedish Vallhund25 to 50 lb$487$7,830$480$600$9,397
43Alaskan Klee Kai10 to 25 lb$243$7,830$480$840$9,393
44English Pointer51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$360$360$9,280
44Pharaoh Hound51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$360$360$9,280
46Parson Russell Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$7,830$360$840$9,273
47American Foxhound51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$240$360$9,160
47Treeing Walker Coonhound51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$240$360$9,160
47Harrier51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$240$360$9,160
50Black And Tan Coonhound51 to 75 lb$730$7,830$120$360$9,040
51Sloughi25 to 50 lb$487$7,830$240$360$8,917
52Leonberger>100 lb$1,217$5,220$480$1,080$7,997
53Bernese Mountain Dog>100 lb$1,217$5,220$480$840$7,757
54Black Russian Terrier>100 lb$1,217$5,220$360$840$7,637
55Irish Wolfhound>100 lb$1,217$5,220$240$840$7,517
55Otterhound>100 lb$1,217$5,220$240$840$7,517
55Scottish Deerhound>100 lb$1,217$5,220$240$840$7,517
55Borzoi>100 lb$1,217$5,220$240$840$7,517
59Old English Sheepdog76 lb to 100 lb$973$5,220$240$1,080$7,513
60Anatolian Shepherd>100 lb$1,217$5,220$360$600$7,397
60Akita>100 lb$1,217$5,220$360$600$7,397
60Great Pyrenees>100 lb$1,217$5,220$120$840$7,397
63Chinook76 lb to 100 lb$973$5,220$360$840$7,393
63Labrador Retriever76 lb to 100 lb$973$5,220$600$600$7,393
63Komondor76 lb to 100 lb$973$5,220$360$840$7,393
66Golden Retriever51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$600$840$7,390
66Airedale Terrier51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$360$1,080$7,390
68Kerry Blue Terrier25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$360$1,320$7,387
68American Eskimo Dog Standard25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$360$1,320$7,387
70Miniature Poodle10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$600$1,320$7,383
71Greater Swiss Mountain Dog>100 lb$1,217$5,220$480$360$7,277
72Afghan Hound51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$240$1,080$7,270
73Puli25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$240$1,320$7,267
73American Cocker Spaniel25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$480$1,080$7,267
75Rottweiler>100 lb$1,217$5,220$360$360$7,157
75Cane Corso>100 lb$1,217$5,220$360$360$7,157
77Doberman Pinscher76 lb to 100 lb$973$5,220$600$360$7,153
77Spinone Italiano76 lb to 100 lb$973$5,220$360$600$7,153
77Chesapeake Bay Retriever76 lb to 100 lb$973$5,220$360$600$7,153
80Flat Coated Retriever51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$600$600$7,150
81Standard Schnauzer25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$360$1,080$7,147
81Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$360$1,080$7,147
83Shetland Sheepdog10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$600$1,080$7,143
84Boerboel>100 lb$1,217$5,220$240$360$7,037
84Perro De Presa Canario>100 lb$1,217$5,220$240$360$7,037
86Samoyed51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$240$840$7,030
87Boykin Spaniel25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$480$840$7,027
87English Cocker Spaniel25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$480$840$7,027
89Bedlington Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$240$1,320$7,023
89West Highland White Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$480$1,080$7,023
89Wire Fox Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$480$1,080$7,023
92Rhodesian Ridgeback76 lb to 100 lb$973$5,220$360$360$6,913
93Collie51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$360$600$6,910
93Saluki51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$360$600$6,910
93Dalmatian51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$360$600$6,910
93Norwegian Elkhound51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$360$600$6,910
97Welsh Springer Spaniel25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$360$840$6,907
97American Water Spaniel25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$360$840$6,907
97Keeshond25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$360$840$6,907
97Finnish Spitz25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$360$840$6,907
97Irish Terrier25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$120$1,080$6,907
102Tibetan Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$360$1,080$6,903
103American Staffordshire Terrier51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$480$360$6,790
104Sussex Spaniel25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$240$840$6,787
105Cavalier King Charles Spaniel10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$480$840$6,783
105Border Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$480$840$6,783
105Havanese10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$480$840$6,783
108Affenpinscher< 10 lb$122$5,220$360$1,080$6,782
109Bloodhound76 lb to 100 lb$973$5,220$120$360$6,673
109Bluetick Coonhound76 lb to 100 lb$973$5,220$120$360$6,673
111Curly Coated Retriever51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$360$360$6,670
111Greyhound51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$360$360$6,670
111Vizsla51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$360$360$6,670
111Chinese Shar Pei51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$120$600$6,670
115Glen Of Imaal Terrier25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$360$600$6,667
116Welsh Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$120$1,080$6,663
116Lakeland Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$120$1,080$6,663
116Miniature Schnauzer10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$360$840$6,663
116Norwich Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$360$840$6,663
120Redbone Coonhound51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$240$360$6,550
120Plott Hound51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$240$360$6,550
122Ibizan Hound25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$240$600$6,547
122Cardigan Welsh Corgi25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$480$360$6,547
122Pembroke Welsh Corgi25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$480$360$6,547
125Dandie Dinmont Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$240$840$6,543
125Shiba Inu10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$240$840$6,543
125Australian Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$240$840$6,543
125Norfolk Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$240$840$6,543
129Bull Terrier51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$120$360$6,430
129English Coonhound51 to 75 lb$730$5,220$120$360$6,430
131Whippet25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$360$360$6,427
131Staffordshire Bull Terrier25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$360$360$6,427
131Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$120$600$6,427
131German Pinscher25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$360$360$6,427
131Cirneco Delletna25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$360$360$6,427
136Scottish Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$120$840$6,423
136Schipperke10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$360$600$6,423
136Cairn Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$120$840$6,423
139Rat Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$480$360$6,303
139Smooth Fox Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$480$360$6,303
139Norwegian Lundehund10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$240$600$6,303
142Miniature Bull Terrier25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$120$360$6,187
142Beagle25 to 50 lb$487$5,220$120$360$6,187
144Basenji10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$240$360$6,063
144Manchester Terrier Standard10 to 25 lb$243$5,220$240$360$6,063
146Saint Bernard>100 lb$1,217$3,132$360$840$5,549
146Newfoundland>100 lb$1,217$3,132$360$840$5,549
148Tibetan Mastiff>100 lb$1,217$3,132$240$840$5,429
149Clumber Spaniel76 lb to 100 lb$973$3,132$360$840$5,305
150Dogue De Bordeaux>100 lb$1,217$3,132$240$600$5,189
151Bichon Frise10 to 25 lb$243$3,132$480$1,320$5,175
151Coton De Tulear10 to 25 lb$243$3,132$480$1,320$5,175
153Mastiff>100 lb$1,217$3,132$360$360$5,069
153Great Dane>100 lb$1,217$3,132$360$360$5,069
155Bullmastiff>100 lb$1,217$3,132$120$360$4,829
156Chow Chow51 to 75 lb$730$3,132$120$840$4,822
157Skye Terrier25 to 50 lb$487$3,132$360$840$4,819
158Basset Hound51 to 75 lb$730$3,132$240$600$4,702
159Brussels Griffon< 10 lb$122$3,132$360$1,080$4,694
160Sealyham Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$3,132$120$1,080$4,575
160Lhasa Apso10 to 25 lb$243$3,132$120$1,080$4,575
160Tibetan Spaniel10 to 25 lb$243$3,132$360$840$4,575
160Silky Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$3,132$360$840$4,575
164Carolina Dog25 to 50 lb$487$3,132$480$360$4,459
164Dachshund25 to 50 lb$487$3,132$240$600$4,459
166American Hairless Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$3,132$480$600$4,455
167Neapolitan Mastiff>100 lb$1,217$2,349$240$600$4,406
168Pug10 to 25 lb$243$3,132$360$600$4,335
169Miniature Dachsund10 to 25 lb$243$3,132$240$600$4,215
170Italian Greyhound10 to 25 lb$243$3,132$360$360$4,095
171Toy Fox Terrier< 10 lb$122$3,132$480$360$4,094
172Lowchen10 to 25 lb$243$2,349$360$1,080$4,032
172Pekingese10 to 25 lb$243$2,349$120$1,320$4,032
172Chinese Crested Dog10 to 25 lb$243$2,349$360$1,080$4,032
175Shih Tzu10 to 25 lb$243$2,349$240$1,080$3,912
176Papillon< 10 lb$122$2,349$600$840$3,911
177English Toy Spaniel10 to 25 lb$243$2,349$360$840$3,792
178Yorkshire Terrier< 10 lb$122$2,349$240$1,080$3,791
179Miniature Pinscher< 10 lb$122$3,132$120$360$3,734
180Bulldog25 to 50 lb$487$2,349$240$600$3,676
181Japanese Chin< 10 lb$122$2,349$360$840$3,671
181Maltese< 10 lb$122$2,349$360$840$3,671
183French Bulldog25 to 50 lb$487$2,349$240$360$3,436
184Pomeranian< 10 lb$122$2,349$120$840$3,431
185Boston Terrier10 to 25 lb$243$2,349$360$360$3,312
186Chihuahua< 10 lb$122$2,349$240$600$3,311
187Toy Manchester Terrier< 10 lb$122$2,349$120$360$2,951
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For this study we looked at over 150 dog breeds. To determine the most expensive breeds we turned to PetFinder lists attributes for every dog breed based on their energy level, size, grooming requirements and overall level of obedience. PetFinder ranks each attribute on a scale of 1 to 5. We then mapped each attribute to a certain cost.

Dog Size 

The size of the dog determined how much food it needed in 1 day. We used the following ranges for dog food costs. The cost of a 30lb bag of dog food was estimated to be about $40.

Size of Dog 30 lb Bags per Year Total Cost
< 10 lb 3 $122
10 to 25 lb 6 $243
25 to 50 lb 12 $487
51 to 75 lb 18 $730
76 lb to 100 lb 24 $973
30 $1,217


If a dog requires a lot of exercise, that would mean more costs toward dog walkers. We made the assumption most dog owners will have full time jobs and require a dog walker. We assumed one walk would be $15 for 20 minutes and $20 for 40 minutes based on values from Very active dogs required more frequent and longer walkers while less active dogs the opposite.


Dogs that are less manageable or aggressive require more obedience training. We assumed breeds that are usually less well behaved would require more costs toward obedience per year.


Dogs that require more grooming are going to cost their owners more money per year. According to Angie’s List dog grooming costs between $30 and $90 per year. Small dogs are closer to $30 while big dogs closer to $90.


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